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Serpent Imagery in Virgils Aeneid - Literature Essay Samples

An important recurring image throughout Virgils Aeneid is that of the serpent, which appears both realistically and metaphorically. The serpent icon is a harbinger of death and a symbol of deception. These two elements represented by the snake are important to the whole epic, but even more so to Book II because it describes how the Greeks, in order to finally take Troy, used deception to gain access into the city.In spite of the mighty Greek heroes like Achilles and Ajax and the sheer numbers in their army and navy, in the end it was the snake-like craftiness of Sinon combined with an omen of death embodied in twin serpents that proved to be the downfall of Troy. Aeneas recounts,This fraud of Sinon, his accomplished lying,Won us over; a tall tale and fake tearsHad captured us, whom neither DiomedesNor Larisaean Achilles overpowered,Nor ten long years, nor all their thousand ships. (II:268-272)Virgil does not directly utilize snake imagery with Sinons character, but he emphasizes the concepts of lies and deception, which are associated with the serpent metaphor. By speaking in lies, Sinon takes on the characteristics of Virgils serpent images. While Sinons acting was very convincing in favor of bringing the horse within the city walls, two real snakes from the sea serve to complete the ruse and convince the Trojans to accept the horse.Even though Laocon was the only man whose insight into the true nature of the horse was correct, the twin snakes kill him and his two sons. Laocon had paid For profanation of the sacred hulk.(II:308-310) Since he had flung a spear at the horse in contempt prior to being attacked, the Trojans assumed that the horse was a divine object protected by the gods, and so they felt obligated to pull it into the city. The men become so blinded by Sinons lies and the deceptive behavior of the serpents, that they do not notice the four times the arms/ In the belly thrown together made a sound,(II:325-6) each time that the horse halts. Unbeknow nst to these men was the fact that these snakes were an omen that represented the utter destruction of their city. In describing the death of Laocon and his sons, Virgil is preparing the reader for the snake that will be the death of Troy itself.The serpent that does destroy the city is not an actual snake, but the wooden horse, which Virgil imparts with snake-like qualities. He describes its movement, Deadly, pregnant with enemies, the horse/ Crawled upward to the breach.(II:317-318) Like a venomous snake laden with deadly offspring, the deceptive contraption moves into the heart of the Trojan City. The horse has taken on the role of the twin serpents, while Troy, whose destruction is imminent, assumes the role of Laocon and his sons.Virgil uses snake imagery one last time in Book II by giving serpentine qualities to the Danaan Pyrrhus, who appears to Aeneas,As a serpent, hidden swollen undergroundRenewed and glossy, rolling slippery coils,With lifted underbelly rearing sunwardAnd triple tongue a-flicker.(II:614-619)This description of Pyrrhus foreshadows death to come as it is this very same Greek who becomes the bane of Priam and his son Polits, That was the end of Priams age, the doom that took him off.(II:722-723) Virgil subtly sets the reader up to expect the worse from Pyrrhus actions because up to that point, every snake image the reader has encountered has been followed by death and destruction.Sinons lies, the snakes from the sea, the wooden horse and Pyrrhus all reflect the qualities of death and deception that Virgil associates with the serpent. Throughout the remainder of the epic, the snake image retains these symbolic characteristics. Virgil uses the imagery to bring a lust for war onto Amata and to predict the death of Romes future enemies.The fury Allecto, who single-handedly incites war between the Trojans and the Latins, is, by her physical and character description alone, one of Virgils serpents. She is,Griefs drear mistress, with her lust for war,For angers, ambushes, and crippling crimes.Even her father Pluto hates this figureFor her savage looks, her headAlive and black with snakes.(VII:445-450)Allectos persona reeks of death and she is employed by Juno precisely for this trait, because the goddess knows that this serpentine creature will gladly and effectively stir up war among the Latins and Trojans. Considering the mass amount of tragic deaths that result from the war, Allecto can be classified as a harbinger of death, which her snake-like qualities already suggest.Allecto uses one of her serpent tresses to fuel the anger already harbored by Amata towards the Trojans to the point of uncontrollable rage. This snake is similar to the wooden horse, because it came upon its victim insidiously and resulted in destruction. While Troy is burned as a result of the horse, Amatas mind is corrupted by the snake to the point of insanity, The serpents evil madness circulated And with insane abandon (she) roamed the city.(VII :517-520) The queens mind has been destroyed and remains in ruins like the Trojan City.While the reader witnesses the destruction wrought by Allecto and the other serpent images within the context of the story, Virgil also uses snake imagery to comment on forthcoming events. Aeneas shield, which is crafted by Vulcan, depicts many accomplishments of the future Roman Empire, not the least of which is the defeat of Marc Antony and Cleopatra. In order to convey the future victory of Rome over the Egyptian Queen to the reader, Virgil uses serpents to represent death once again. He describes Cleopatra as, Never turning her head as yet to see/ Twin snakes of death behind.(VIII:944-945) The snakes precede other icons of death such as the furies, Mars and Bellona, which demonstrates their importance to Virgil as a true harbinger of death.The serpent is a necessary element of the Aeneid, because the death and deception that it represents are essential to the events that take place within the epic. If the Greeks had never sacked Troy, Aeneas would never have left, and Rome might not have been founded. Deception is what brought victory to the Greeks and Virgil realizes this fact, so he chooses the snake to represent this concept. By remaining consistent in his use of the image, Virgil helps the reader to identify the presence of deception and looming death.

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Things You Should Know About Paper Research

Things You Should Know About Paper Research Accordingly the age criterion isn't mentioned. Dwelling just on the introduction is not a simple job. Sometimes one is extremely busy, or he fails to get the topic well. In case the topic is too narrow, you might find it difficult to locate the appropriate literature. A title page isn't required in a typical MLA report. It should be centered. Linguistics is a complicated field of study and Paper Masters has writers accessible to help students in understanding linguistics. World History Research Papers involve an astounding amount of information. Paper Research: No Longer a Mystery Dissertations and reports produced by students in prior years can help you get a sense of fashions and standards required. In some cases, they simply devise the study and then imagine the possible results that might occur. Many students wind up having documents which are overly generalized and don't narrow down the reach of their topics. College students are anticipated to deliver premium quality research papers that fulfill strict requirement as to contents and form. Needless to say, everything sounds very uncomplicated and interesting, but if you get started working on your research paper, you face a great deal of challenges. A lot of businesses promote workplace diversity. Researching any issue about government or laws can get overwhelming because of the intricacy of the issues and even on account of the wording of some laws. A family company can be both a good prospect for you to live out your passions and ambition, but nevertheless, it may also be a place that's so bound in tradition it can feel completely stifling for a young creative mind. The Paper Research Chronicles Make sure that you review two or three term paper examples before you get started working on your paper. Initially, absolutely free research paper examples were posted on the internet, as a way to help students acquire new knowledge and information concerning the research paper writing, as a portion of the educational practice. At times, excellent research paper topics are just the easiest ones. Without a proper content, they will not make sense. Remember that should you understand what your audience needs a lot of, you will locate a suitable direction and suitable tone for your writing. If you're allowed to freely choose what things to write all on your own, utilize the chance to make something unique. After you have a topic in mind, you will need to seek advice from your instructor with it to make sure you're headed in the proper direction. Beyond picking the best sort of white paper to accomplish your purpose and reach your intended audience, you want an engaging topic. Apparently, there's more than 1 person who'd attempt to use a completely free research paper as original writing. The most essential part of the paper will incorporate a discussion about the present research being done on the subject. A research paper is quite a serious kind of academic writing. A research paper that concerns scientific issues isn't just a free-style essay where you are able to tell readers whatever you desire. 1 thing to be on the lookout for is picking an idea that's either too large or too tiny. Locating a topic for your study can be hard, but there are lots of great tactics to develop intriguing ideas. Otherwise, there are many style guides you can select from. If you can't cope with them yourself, you always have the option to make an application for aid.

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Imperfection and Faith in A Good Man is Hard to Find and...

Knowing Flannery O’Connor’s religious conviction, one cannot overlook this underlying tone in both of her regarded stories â€Å"A Good Man is hard to Find† and â€Å"Good Country People†. It is often said of those who stand outside of religious conviction that faith seems to come in handy to people only when it is valuable to get them out of a predicament, of which they have likely placed themselves through insensitive behavior and decisions. In such a desperate attempt to appeal to faith, one only finds emptiness and a fate that leaves them hopeless or even dead. O’Connor’s â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† and â€Å"Good Country People† illustrate that the inability to see the flaws in one’s self lead to substantial consequences, where an appeal to faith†¦show more content†¦The grandmother’s bigotry is also on display as the family rides past a black youth standing near his modest home. Her reaction to seeing him is like walking past an adorable dog; â€Å"Oh look at the cute little pickaninny!† (12). When her granddaughter June Starr comments on the boy’s lack of clothing, the grandmother explains that â€Å"little niggers in the country don’t have things like we do† (12). As the grandmother emits racism through her comments, she is also inserting such notion into her grandchildren’s minds. Nor Bailey or his wife says anything, so it can be suggested that they are used to such comments and may hold the same views as well. The grandmother does not see a reason to be empathetic; the boy waves and she does return the gesture. Instead she romanticizes the boy’s plight as a missed opportunity, suggesting that â€Å"If [she] could paint, [she’d] paint that picture† (12). Not only is the grandmother intolerant, but she is also quite vain, with an entire paragraph illustrating her choice of clothing for the road trip. Most people going on a road trip dress casually and comfortably, which is evidenced by the mentioning of the children’s mother, who â€Å"still had on slacks and still had her hair tied up in a green kerchief† (11). The grandmother instead chose to ride with style: â€Å"†¦but the grandmother had on a blue straw sailor hat with a bunch of white violets on the brim and a navy blueShow MoreRelatedThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe1265 Words   |  6 Pagesheels of our Imperialism unit, this post-colonial novel provides very helpful context on different civilizations’ perspectives throughout the Age of Imperialism; aside from analyzing death tolls, descriptions of conflicts, and names of countries, it was previously hard to envision what life was actually like during that time. Reading the story of the Umuofia Tribe supported the concepts learned during class, and seemed to wholly represent (in a more relatable way) what we had previously researched.Read MoreCritical Analysis on Voltaire’s Candide, â€Å"Eldorado†2027 Words   |  9 PagesCacambo who had traveled different countries and experience many test and trails would want to leave. Voltaire visual scene in Eldorado and the characters makes the readers think that being too optimistic can cause a misrepresentation of what reality really is. The method and visual thoughts of Voltaire’s have some authors and critics expressing their opinion on religion, science, governments, utopia, and wealth; that the land of Eldorado is one that is too good to be true, and come off as unrealRead MoreA Good Man Is Hard And Good Country People By Flannery O Connor2428 Words   |  10 Pages In the short stories â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† and â€Å"Good Country People,† Flannery O’Connor writes about violence. The violence in â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† surprises the reader because it is unexpected. Flannery O’Connor lulls the reader into a false sense of security and then pulls the rug out from under you at the end of the story. The violence is found within the character â€Å"The Misfit† and in his murderous actions. The violence in â€Å"Good Country People† is found within the char acterRead MoreThe Ethical Teachings of Jesus7860 Words   |  32 Pagesothers that we may be blessed. In the great judgment scene described by Jesus, where he himself will sit as king, the rewards and punishments of the future life are made to turn upon the performance or the neglect of duties to him in the person of his people. Everything religious in Christianity is made to furnish a motive to morality. We all condemn the fanatics who would make religion sufficient without ethics. Some teachings of this sort are absurd, and some disgusting. But on the other hand, shallRead More The History of the Amish Essay4311 Words   |  18 PagesThe History of the Amish The Amish, who are also called â€Å"The Plain People† or Old Order Amish, originated in Switzerland in approximately 1525. They originated from a movement called the Anabaptist movement. Jacom Amman was the leader. This happened during the reformation in the16th Century Europe. They believed in holding on to traditions and keeping themselves separated from the world. He was stricter about this than other Anabaptists of that time. The Anabaptists were against the union ofRead More Happiness in the Fourth Epistle of Alexander Popes An Essay on Man5580 Words   |  23 Pagesphilosophical poem An Essay on Man, published in 1732-134, may even more precisely be classified, to use a German phrase, as Weltanschauungliche Dichtung (worldviewish poetry). That it is appropriate to understand An Essay on Man as world view in verse, as a work which depicts humanitys relationship to and understanding of a perplexing and amazing world, is indicated in the statement of the poems Design in w hich the author avows that his goal was to examine Man in the abstract, his Nature andRead MoreFactors for a Long Lasting Relationship6043 Words   |  25 PagesChapter 1: Introduction A. Background of the Study A long lasting relationship is hard to achieve. Each couple dreams to have this kind of relationship. It needs a lot of time, energy and effort before gaining this. A healthy, loving relationship can enhance many aspects in life, from emotional and mental well-being to your physical health and overall happiness. Many people are trying to find the right person to settle down. Even if it is impossible to meet someone who is perfect for one’sRead MoreEssay on Its Time to Legalize Illegal Immigrants4950 Words   |  20 Pagesan alarming place. When this country was first founded, land west of the Mississippi was considered uncharted territory. It was seen as a whole new world. Nowadays, there is not a place on the planet that we haven’t been to. There are places on other planets that we have been to. The world has shrunk due to technological advancement. The world is globalizing. Some call it progress. They say that we are growing as a society and that cha nge in inherently good. However, one must look at theRead Morewisdom,humor and faith19596 Words   |  79 Pages WISDOM, HUMOR, AND FAITH: A HISTORICAL VIEW Walter G. Moss Table of Contents (with links) Walter G. Moss 1 Table of Contents (with links) 1 Wisdom, Perspective, and Values 2 Humor’s Contribution to Wisdom 4 Humor and Wisdom in Europe: Some Highlights 5 Renaissance Humor: Erasmus, Rabelais, Cervantes, Shakespeare 5 Two European Russians: Anton Chekhov and Vladimir Soloviev 9 Reflections on Humor from Nietzsche to the Theatre of the Absurd 12 Humor and Wisdom in the United States: Lincoln, BeecherRead More Biography of Augustine the African Essay example5161 Words   |  21 PagesMediterranean coast sixty miles away. In the years between he lived out a career that seems to moderns to bridge the gap between ancient pagan Rome and the Christian middle ages. But to Augustine, as to his contemporaries, that gap separated real people and places they knew, not whole imaginary ages of past and future. He lived as we do, in the present, full of uncertainty. Augustines African homeland had been part of Romes empire since the destruction of Carthage five hundred years before his

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Can A Small Business Keep Up Within Society Today

Can a Small Business Keep Up in Society Today? Growing up with a father that owned a small business, I have learned that it’s hard to make it in a society like today. A couple years ago I became one of his employees, and I’ve noticed that there have been changes made to the business. I was always curious what it was like before I started working there. Owning a small town business in a world full of online shopping can be difficult, but O’Henry’s is continuing to make money because of offering the broader variety of clothing, investing in advanced technology for graphic design, and utilizing social media. One difference between O’Henry’s now than in the past would be the the type of merchandise they have to offer. When the business first opened in the small town of Cresco, Iowa, the owners, Phil Henry and Jackie Lickteig, were just like every other new business. They were new to everything, and it became a little overwhelming at times. Phil and Jackie are brother and sister, and had a screen-printing business at their house in the basement for a couple years. After a few years, they decided they wanted to move the business to town where they would have many more opportunities. When asked if opening a business in a small town was a risk taker, he responded, â€Å"I was pretty confident because it is something that everyone wears every day in one way or another, so I knew I was going to have customers† Phil and Jackie didn’t have much to offer for clothing at the beginning. ItShow MoreRelatedSocial Factors Affecting the Business Enviroment and People Around It1608 Words   |  7 PagesSocio-Cultural Factors Introduction Socio-cultural is based on the idea that the society and culture shape cognition. Social customs, values, beliefs and language are all part of what shapes a person’s identity and reality. According to this approach, what a person thinks is based on his or her social-cultural background. There are many factors which affect the organizations either internally or externally. These factors include demography, cultural values, changing roles of women, level of educationRead MoreSocial Factors Affecting the Business Enviroment and People Around It1614 Words   |  7 PagesSocio-Cultural Factors Introduction Socio-cultural is based on the idea that the society and culture shape cognition. Social customs, values, beliefs and language are all part of what shapes a person’s identity and reality. According to this approach, what a person thinks is based on his or her social-cultural background. There are many factors which affect the organizations either internally or externally. These factors include demography, cultural values, changing roles of women, level of educationRead MoreWalmart Is The Worlds Largest Corporation1232 Words   |  5 Pagessingle store in a small Middle America town, Walmart is now the largest private employer in the United States. To minimize operating costs and maintain low prices, Walmart pays relatively low wages, provides minimal employee benefits, and contracts with international manufacturing firms in the form of sweatshops. Further, Walmart’s aggressive marketing, its purchasing power and intent to provide very inexpensive goods to the consume r has forced many local stores out of business. Despite resistanceRead MoreOnline Sales Monitoring and Inventory System912 Words   |  4 Pagesconsuming process of inventory. It has many drawbacks as there are many mistakes while recording large data and it disturb some important transaction sometimes†. Upon hearing this, the researchers developed a system which will help the management keep record of inventories in systematic way and help them produce report about the inventory or stock currently available in their store in automatic way. Through this the hassleness and committing mistakes while recording large data could be avoided.Read MoreThe Issue Of Sustainability Is Much Than Much More Than Just That The Earth s Population1259 Words   |  6 Pagesnot their problem. Well it is their problem and if we don’t jump on the issue soon we will not be giving our future generations much of a life. This brings me to the idea of sustainability. A simple description of the word means that what we have today we will also have tomorrow, next week, next year, or even the next lifetime. Although that is the modest version sustainability is much, much more than just that. Sustainability is derived from three main parts of the human life: environmental, socialRead MoreThe Role Of Law E ssay1044 Words   |  5 Pagesorder of life. Today, most lawmakers view law as a flexible instrument that can be used to accomplish a chosen purpose. â€Å"One strength of this instrumentalist attitude is its willingness to adapt the law to further the social good. A weakness, however, is the legal instability and uncertainty those adaptations often produce.† (Mallor, 2007) A few of the most important functions and roles of laws are to peaceably settle disputes, check government power, serve the economy and society, and protect theRead MoreThe Role of Law1071 Words   |  5 Pagesorder of life. Today, most lawmakers view law as a flexible instrument that can be used to accomplish a chosen purpose. â€Å"One strength of this instrumentalist attitude is its willingness to adapt the law to further the social good. A weakness, however, is the legal instability and uncertainty those adaptations often produce.† (Mallor, 2007) A few of the most important functions and roles of laws are to peaceably settle disputes, check government power, serve the economy and society, and protect theRead MoreMonsanto Essay939 Words   |  4 PagesSeeds Putting small farmers out of business, a history of paying lobbyists to block government regulations on genetically modified organisms, destroying the environment, lacking testing on their products; these are all characteristics of Monsanto’s company. Monsanto is a company that provides the largest producer of genetically engineered seeds (Neuman). Monsanto’s corporation is a danger to our health and environment. â€Å"Monsanto Company started off its chemical business in 1997, Monsanto tracesRead MoreTrends in Human Resource Management1143 Words   |  5 Pagesbeing made as the United States quickly transforms from an industrial society to a service society. Instead of the boss being the CEO the boss is now becoming the customer. As our company structures change thus does the roles of our Humane Resource departments. In the following paragraphs we will discuss some of these changes as they pertain to globalization, technology, diversity, e-business and ethics. Globalization In today s highly aggressive global market companies are finding it necessaryRead MoreCase Study of Innout Burger Essay1692 Words   |  7 PagesManagement Principles and Practices Professor Restad Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of the American economy and are responsible for the creation of many of our Country’s jobs. 99% of all U.S. businesses meet the definition of small business; â€Å"a business that is independently owned and operated, does not dominate in its industry and employs fewer than 500 employees† (pg 433). Without individuals that are willing to take risks and who are driven to succeed under their own power, we would

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Obesity Childhood Hunger And Poverty - 1146 Words

Obesity Caused by Childhood Hunger and Poverty America is a wealthy nation, yet 10.6% of households with children (4.2 million) suffer from food insecurity [1]. Low-income households are also much more likely than others to suffer from childhood hunger, caused by a recurrent or involuntary lack of food. The USDA defines food insecurity as â€Å"limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways† [2]. Yet, obesity of children in America has become a crosscutting demographic epidemic. While most Americans are affected by the social and environmental causes of energy intake exceeding energy expenditure, research has also linked poverty†¦show more content†¦However, there are other indications that low-income areas are often underserved by supermarkets and farmers’ markets, limiting access to fresh produce and low-fat food items. These low-income areas tend to be heavily populated with fast food chain s and small convenience stores [6]. Increased food consumption has a strong correlation with the growth of the fast food industry. Fast food is notably high in fat content, and studies have found associations between fast food intake, increased body mass index (BMI) and weight gain. The same studies have reported that the link between fast food restaurants and low-income neighborhoods may contribute to understanding environmental causes of the obesity epidemic in these populations. [7] In addition to the studies linking supermarket access with obesity rates, researchers have examined connections with actual dietary intake. Obesity can be an adaptive response because of a constant fluctuation in food availability. This can cause children to eat more, when food is available than they normally would, and result in weight gain. [8] A specific example of when this is demonstrated by the finding that â€Å"receiving food stamps was a significant predictor of overweight status.† This is thought to be due to the cyclical monthly fluctuation in food. Resources run scarce toward the end of each period, and

Business Model And Strategic Plan - 1786 Words

Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I: When it comes to a successful company or organization, having a mission, vision and valuable actions end up making an organizations strategic plan. Companies continue to have their corporates in their businesses use tactical strategies and make them into pursuable goals to be reached at the end. While researching for a business to write about I came across a very popular retail store by the name of Kohl’s and will be discussing different areas including the mission and vision statement of each different document that will end up being useful to the company when developing some sort of difference when being compared to other retail stores that will end up making them stand out at the end. Kohl’s†¦show more content†¦There are many areas that kohl’s focuses on and that is also including their consideration for the overall social responsibility of the company as having a general consideration for ethics and cultures. By seeking deeper and evaluation Kohlâ⠂¬â„¢s mission and their vision as well as their values will at the end bring a perspective to the company and their strategic direction at the end. Kohl’s Mission Statement: â€Å"Our mission is to be the leading family-focused, value-oriented specialty department store offering quality exclusive and national brand merchandise to the customer in an environment that is convenient, friendly and exciting† Kohl’s is a business that ends up providing a good amount of different products as well as services to communities that are based on low and middle class consumers which makes their products affordable and that is the reason why people keep going back. Kohl’s has basically everything you can possibly need all located in one store providing products such as clothes, electronics, houseware and etc. Kohl’s also has a great online customer service as well as everyday deal advertisements that include free shipping. I read a quote regarding general popular retail environment stated by a man named Josiah Burks that when it comes to economists the world has been introduced to stores like Walmart who has taken over the retail environment leading to having Walmart giving the whole retail

Ethics in the Organization

Question: Discuss about theEthics in the Organization. Answer: Introduction The ethics in organization refers to a way of working in the organization ethically. In other words, it refers to working in the enterprises by considering social norms and corporate culture that is by behaving ethically and use of ethical practices. Disdain the several theories on ethics that have been created still there is no surety about what is really going and whether it is right or not. This work reviews the literature to enquire about the involvement of ethical decision-making in organization by examining and discussing significant issues. This understanding tries to cover the gap between organizational ethical decision-making and individuals by building a framework. This framework includes three groups of changes that keep varying that are moral strength, internal factors and external factors. The ethical decision-making varies between the organization as some organization did not know what ethically is correct or not. Ethical problems originate from the conflict between ethical norms and individual values. The individuals that play an important part varies with their level that is the top level of stakeholders, top executives, middle level, which includes managers and last level is bottom level which includes supervisors and labor. The ethical practices provide the social symbol and helps increase in ranking of organizations. Ethics and Organizational Ethics: Concept Ethics refers to the feature that gathers what is actually justified or righteous for the society as a whole. This differentiates by separating good thing from bad by testing it socially. These are the choices, which an individual make to improve its quality or quantity which ever required. The ethical sense of right or wrong comes from action when tested socially (Business Case Studies LLP, 2016). The organization and ethics play a role together equally, which makes ethics unavoidable part of an organization. As with time, it is seen that any unethical mistake leads to company huge losses in only in values but in the goodwill too. Some features of organizations, which constitute that the company is ethical are: Charity and not for profit organizations, Fair trade, Non- government organizations, Corporate with strong corporate social responsibility Society expectations and legal professional bodies encouraged the more use of Social responsibilities and ethical practices for the organization. In 1997, as per the Financial Times survey of the Europe identified that ethical practices are the main reason of drop in ranking of Shells Company. With this same conclusion as Shell, several Companies whose business practices and products declared as unethical and against the society, for an example tobacco, cigarette, and received huge setback. Ethical problems are those problems that are against the society, not taken on an individual basis (Wong, 2006). The problems that include individual interest and stake are at the organizational level. Therefore, ethical problems are free from any hatred from particular consumers. If there will be problem its between the conflict of interest and social norms. Organizations require accountable and responsible managers who possess the ethical decision-making which not only give the company a good r eturn but a good growth too. The ranking of a company is calculated by measuring organizational performance by different measures with a certain percentage that are: 10% for Governance, 20% for Reputation, Leadership and Innovation, 20% for Culture of Ethics, 25% for Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility, 25% for Ethics and compliance program. Above are the measures that contribute to the ranking of the company in which ethics and compliance program contributes 25% in the ranking, which counted as 1/4th of the final rank (Herald, 2010). This shows that how much ethics is important for the organization. Framework of Ethics The framework of ethical decision-making includes moral strength, internal factors and external factors. These are those factors, which keep varying with the time and requirements. There are different factors that affect to- Moral Strength are : Level of consequences, Immediacy Probability effect Social harmony Internal factors are: Individual values Individual differences Moral Awareness Geographic variables External factors are: Performance Management System Level of accountability After including above all three factors collectively, it generates an organization outcome, which affects ethical decision-making and behavior of the organization. The moral strength refers to moral behavior and understanding of the situations and how it is taken. It includes the level of consequence means how far thing can go or what is the acceptable point, Immediacy means how much urgent required, probability effect refers to the probability of occurrence of situation and social harmony refers to accord with the society. Internal factors refer to the factors which is played inside the organization that are individual values and the difference depends on their understanding level, moral awareness refers to how much morally they active towards society and organization, geographical variable refers to variability of different areas which comes under organization (May, 2006). The external factors refer to those factors that are outside the organization that are performance management system means how performance is measured outside. The most important is the level of accountability in which author Beu and Buckley in 2001 referred accountability can be a play as an important factor contributing to ethical decision-making and behavior with an organization. The level of accountability and responsibility found to be highly strong in relationships that built socially, whereas these relationships based on understanding, affinity and cooperation. Methodology The research of ethics in reference to an organization is not a easy process; as there are different subjective theories already exist. The most important of them is validity and filtering of data described by the researchers biasness. This can overthrow by collection and interpretation of information from various informants. This analysis served in validating and filling the plans or schemes proposed. Implied Practices of Westpac Banking Corporation The Westpac was one of the mainly recognized organizations which stand out as ethically decision-making and behaved once in survey of 2010. It is the only company, which survived in US financial system bailout. Except Westpac, no other company of Australia can make out again in the list of world most ethical businesses (Westpac Banking Corporation, 2007). The ethical practices adopted by Westpac are reasons for making it renowned organization that is: Their principle for doing business and code of conduct is with honesty and integrity, act collectively, manage conflict of interest responsibility, respect for confidentiality and not allowed to misuse information and respect law and act accordingly. Separate code of ethics for senior finance officers and accounting practice and reporting on financial information in accordance with requirements of SOX. Internal policies and procedures, which take the requirements of the human resource team by giving proper training (Team, 2014). Their concern for reporting and whistle blowing by mentioning them about their reporting areas that is in attention of management, human resources team. Their policy for not allowing directors and employees in dealing with company shares and insider trading. Above are the ethical practices that govern the Westpac banking corporation. With this, Westpac mentioned their codes of conduct of working are same as their principle of doing business. These principles not only give new heights to the corporation, but also set the standards of treating a customer for every employee of the organization. As per the Oxfam Australia, who accused the four main banking companies that include Westpac Banking Corporation for backing companies who is doing business in an unethical manner. After this review, Westpac has strongly replied of leaving customers or stopping their business with them who comes under unethical company. This structure again gives recognition to Westpac in World Most Ethical(WME) companies list which is the sixth year in a row. Findings The understanding advises managers have to concentrate on problemewcfs, which related to leadership, structure and code of conduct of the organization while going for ethical practices. The leadership at various parts of the organization will have to create a strong understanding of ethics by giving benefits and punishment and communication. The decision to act ethically should be moral, employees should think which action is the right. Any route that gives the company short-term profit unethically should be, avoided. Ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility can bring important change into business by: Attracting customers for organization products, thereby boosting sales Reducing labor absenteeism and encourage employees for work. Attract the investors and which can keep the share prices high However, above are the benefits that ethics can provide in the organization. Ethics can be applied in every department of the organization with the help of the manager and its management. The manager takes the control of positions of authority those have to conduct ethically. It also monitors the employees behavior towards his contribution with the desire of the organization. If there is any default in complying manger can take corrective action. This led managers to act with the functions of management that are by planning, which is done by the top level management who set the vision and mission where work is needed under their sight and at other areas where the principles are enough to govern, organizing creates a stage for reaching goals and objectives decided in planning (Schwarten, 2014). At this stage, resources given with distribution of responsibilities that can achieve the decided goal. After planning and organizing, its leading, which is the most important of these stages as in early stages, that is planning and organize are to be implemented. The fourth stage is controlling, which decides the outcome of this process or functioning of management. This stage charged with the role of management as well various factors that are internal or external for instance technology, diversity and structure. The most important of them is Diversity, which constitutes an organization that is a geographical location, human culture, goods and services. These factors highly affect the diversity of organization by giving pressure to management of making rules and regulations ethically. Furthermore, socialization is required among the managers for developing ethical practices by giving them voluntary adoption, which gives them a better application of ethical practices. Instruction regarding ethical practices should circulate among the stakeholders from the top most managers to low-level manager so that it can be applicable on every stage. There should value chain through which values give positive decisions. The ethics relate to two different terms that is corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. These terms heavily contribute in the ethical culture of an organization (Probono Australia, 2013). Corporate Social Responsibility The term corporate social responsibility refer to the term which originates from the ethically way of doing business. It made up from political and social causes that fixed organization fix percentage of earnings. Organizations have informed to take stand for the ways their operation influences society and its environment. They asked to apply supporting ways in which they conduct their business. Supporting meant for the organizational activities, which is considered as a voluntary part that concentrate with social and environmental concerns in business working and with the stakeholders (DAmato, et al., 2009). Corporate social responsibility (CSR) boosts the growth of the company by an increase in goodwill. Organizations face challenges and difficulties on implementation of CSR. These usually relate to issues either political or organizational and often attached to culture. The difficulty of working globally society gives either new demands or organization and its leadership. In the new era of CSR, there is need to be watch on the stakeholders, consumers, employees as well as NGO and activist groups have to be satisfied. A well-handled corporate social responsibility is in the favor of all stakeholders to not only consumers, but also shareholders, employees, suppliers and other business partners work together with the organization (HandUp Australia, 2013). A Corporate social responsibility is done by thinking of society diversification globally. It not only generates ethical behavior, but also provides team cooperation, collaborative teams and strategic alliance. Ethics and Corporate Governance Ethics and Corporate governance play an equal role in making the organization ethically and behaved and decision-making. Corporate governance is wider term that includes the rules relationship, policies and system where authority maintained in the organization. Corporate governance is mainly governed at the board of director level that influences the organization environment. Ethics is a narrow term as compared to corporate governance as it depends on the overall performance of the company whereas ethics depend on the society norms which are not clearly prescribed. Corporate governance with ethical behavior and decision-making gives a good contribution to the growth of the company by increasing goodwill. Corporate governance and ethics become more difficult when any indirect implications of practices that may affect the society in a negative way and make company unethical. Managers are the main key decision makers, which makes them accountable to stakeholders, shareholders, consumers and society. As per the Economist Milton Friedman, the only entities that can have responsibilities are individual and it noticed that only people are at charge can act ethically. Hence, the most difficult decisions in corporate governance are with those who are at the ethical level, as they have to consider consequence in various fronts that is personal, corporate and societal (Kelly, 2011). Systematically, an organization requires incorporating ethics with the existing activities of the managers at different levels. Those who linked with making of ethical practices are to be given protection from the risks of developing an alternate mechanism for ethical issues. Conclusion These findings are not though conclusive, it just highlights several issues. There is confusion what is ethics. At the time of ethical problem, there is always an issue of ethically right and self- interest. The decision made by keeping the ethical prospect in mind. It is also believed that business and ethics should work together for making an effective decision. Bibliography Business Case Studies LLP, 2016. The importance of ethics in business. 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